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W o m b G a r d e n

 w h a t  i s  w o m b  g a r d e n ?

 Womb Garden is an online library of evergreen & ever-growing resources


 A practical and interactive multimedia apothecary to help deepen connection to your menstrual cycle

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From hand crafted recipes, self designed rituals, and depth guides

to transformative mediations, moving poems, and inspiring playlists -

you’ll be left with a visceral sense of support, as you both creatively and practically navigate the intricacies of having a womb

 Womb Garden is a place to build community and connect with other like minded and curious souls who also feel the call to tend to their bodies


·      Here, you’ll enter an interactive garden where food, music, movement, friends, art, and diy projects melt together into a soothing balm that washes over you - giving you a feeling of both respite and inspiration 

What do Womb Garden members receive? 
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As soon as you sign up for womb garden you’ll receive instant access to our diverse content library. In addition to what already exists when you join, new resources are constantly being added !

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As a member of Womb Garden you’ll be invited to join an online community space where you can connect with other’s, share stories, exchange resources, ask questions, and make friends !

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Each Womb Garden member will receive a 15% discount on all Womb Garden associated purchases - whether that be our online shop, in person workshops, gatherings, and online courses !

 Who is Womb Garden for ?

Womb Garden is for anyone with a womb who desires to connect to this space


 For people who desire a deeper connection to their bodies through material thats fun and practical — grounded within the everyday moments of life

For those who want to bring magic to the mundane from the comfort of their own home


For people who want to go beyond consuming information — and enter a realm that empowers you to not only learn , but to also kinesthetically & creatively interact with the information


 For people who want to blend the practical with the magical. Blur the line between healing and creativity. And meld self led learning with community engagement

 How much does Womb Garden cost ? 

 For only $ 6 / month


 All new subscribers will gain instant access to the full Womb Garden library, community, and discounts. All subscriptions will be automatically renewed and are easy to cancel.