The Menstrual Cycle Missive- A

free seasonal offering that guides you through the phases of your cycle.

Here you will find recipes & rituals to return to. Articles to sit with. & ideas to build on. The menstrual cycle missive is exactly that - a letter (missive) from me to you with content inspiring you to engage with your cycle in a new way.

Here you’ll receive resources to deepen relationship to your cyclic nature. Like a handwritten letter to a dear friend, the menstrual cycle missive is a love letter from my womb to yours.

Made with the intention of being read slowly; like a morning paper dropped at your doorstep right as the tea kettle starts to whistle. Designed to remind you- there is magic within the mundane. Words meant to flow into you like honey. Thick. But slow.

ARTICLES autumn missive collage image.jpg

a r t i c l e s . . .

RECIPES autumn missive collage image.jpg

r e c i p e s . . .

BATHBODYBLOODautumn missive collage image.jpg

r i t u a l s . . .

POEMSautumn missive collage image.jpg

p o e m s . . .

PLAYLISTSautumn missive collage image.jpg

m u s i c p l a y l i s t s . . .


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