blood rituals


b l o o d a l t a r

Keep in a sealable glass jar to display on an altar.

g a r d e n  &  o u t d o o r  p o u r


After you’re done collecting your blood, mix with water (if not already), and pour it into the earth, your garden, or your plants. Water afterwards as you normally would. Menstrual blood acts as a fantastic fertilizer. It contains nitrogen, phosphorus, & potassium; all nutrients which help maintain the health + fertility of the soil. As you are cleansing the soil of your womb by menstruating, you’re also fertilizing the soil for your plants to flourish in. See yourself in the plants. Them in you. A mirror.

Bring your presence to your womb as you do this. Acknowledge how the earth provides for you. Give thanks and offer your blood to her. Say a prayer. Set an intention. Sew your seeds of creation into her. She is the platform your entire existence rests upon. You are her steward. Honor the relationship available. Acknowledge that as you are fertilizing the soil, your womb is also being fertilized as you bleed.

w a t e r   y o u r  h o u s e  p l a n t s

After you are done collecting your blood, mix with water (if not already), and gently add some of this mixture to your house plants. Water afterwards as you normally would. Take time to feel gratitude for  the joy your houseplants give you. Fertilize their soil with your blood. Thank them for the oxygen they give you. Acknowledge the reciprocity you are engaging in with the plant. You breathe them. They breathe you. Pause here. Pour your blood into them. Engage in the cycle you share with them. As you are traversing your cycle, they’re traversing their own; and then there is the one that you both share. Reciprocity.

b o d y  a d o r n m e n t

Experiment with finger painting your blood onto your body. You can also put your blood on your face and use a revitalizing skin face mask. Not only is this an empowering ritual to engage in, it’s actually good for your skin! Menstrual blood contains stems cells from the endometrium (inner lining of the uterus), which are beneficial & regenerative for the skin.

b l e e d i n g i n t h e g a r d e n


Become bare in between your legs. Wear a dress or skirt with no panties. Kneel onto the earth & feel free to place a towel or scarf under your knees to ensure comfort. Let yourself release blood onto the earth. Visualize what you are releasing and letting go of. What needs composting? Let the earth lovingly draw it out of you and alchemize it into nourishment for her.

w a t e r  c o l o r  p a i n t 

Mix your blood with water and paint ! Draw an image, write something, and simply enjoy this soothing act as you honor your blood and yourself in the process. Maybe write a word that describes the essence of your mood today. Perhaps draw it out. Maybe you’d like to illustrate an intention you’re setting here. All is welcome.

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