prayers for honoring the inner seasons

These prayers are inspired by a book called “prayers of honoring grief” by pixie lighthorse.

w i n t e r


Thank you for this time of renewal. For showing me how death lays fertile soil for new life to grow from. Thank you sweet chrysalis, for dismembering my being into a chemical soup I can re-create from.

Thank you north star for keeping my spirit in integrity. This sharpening of my inner eye, I see you. The winds around may sway, but my inner compass reads strong and steady.

Thank you for this sacred blood. Birthing life and death. Bathing me in holy renewal. Rinsing me from the inside out.

When my womb is heavy and pulsating,

may I remember to listen.

Being a life bear’er comes with great responsibility. Thank you for reminding me to slow down. That my womb cycle is a fractal of the greater cycles of creation.

May I remember the water around me as my own water flows.

May my body migrate toward greater body’s of water and remind me how to flow.

s p r i n g 


Thank you for this interlude of rewarming and remembering. For melting the dew off my being as I rise to meet the horizon line.

Here, like the early soft light of morning. Warming and readying me.  

Thank you for showing me that I am a phoenix, rising from the ashes of winter.

Like a tree, reaching up and out. Rooted, yet dancing in dynamicisim with the sway of environmental chaos. I too can be firm and flexible. The rose and the thorn. Both sides of the blade.

Thank you for easing me out of this hibernation. Reminding me the subtle art of titration. When I get anxious or unsure of what to do with all of this acquired energy, may I remember to move. When I loose ground may I tell myself “the slower I go, the steadier I grow”. 

s u m m e r


Thank you for this experience of amplitude. For showing me how fire transforms matter into energy. Thank you for this time of magnetism and manifesting. For re-membering my voice back into song.

Thank you for this tender medicine of being seen. Of having the energy to tend to myself and others. Thank you for this window of potency, lived potentials, and expanded possibilities.

f a l l


Thank for this time of descent and deepening. For helping me explore my edges and boundaries. Thank you for helping me draw hard lines in the sand, where I thought I couldn’t.

Reminding me the honest power of my sacred no.

I know. These no’s. Are creating space for the right yes’s.

Thank for this time of letting the shit drop. The leaves. The twigs. The excess. To get to the bones of things.

Thank you for helping me find the outline of my being…

Thank you for sensitizing my body to the feeling of transformation. This sacred yet painful stretching and widening back into myself. The start of a pilgrimage back home. I’m learning to trust transformation…

Thank you womb, for this time of inner contemplation. May I observe sensation knowing they help lead me to my emotions. May I remember my emotions as intelligent. As indicators to what’s raw and fleshy. May I tend to these wounds with salt water and nurture.  

Thank you for this whisper, of the power of my language. For reminding me of how words frame my experience. May I allow myself to welcome back my sensate (non-lingustic) being. May I trust my body to know what to compost, let go of, and recycle. And remember, nothing really dies, it just changes. May I welcome my metamorphosis, as I descend back into the soil.

Thank you for acquainting me with grief. For I know it clarifies my values.

Thank you for this gift of awareness. This time of learning the meaning of my integrity.

Megan connComment