Sparkling Cranberry : Post-Sex Beverage


As Women, we are anatomically more susceptible to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI's). In being so- it is important that we incorporate regular self care practices to aid in preventing them. Because sex further increases our risk for contracting UTI's, it is important we take extra care of this system of elimination after engaging in any type of sex. 

For more information on UTI's and how to prevent them: check out our previous blogs posts "Introduction to Urinary Tract Infections" and "UTI Prevention". 

As mentioned in UTI Prevention it is important to flush it out, reduce our sugar intake, and utilize our food ally- the cranberry. This drink helps aids in all three of these preventative processes.

#1 Hydration

By staying hydrated, we are encouraging frequent urination and therefore preventing stagnated urine. When urine sits for long periods of time, it encourages the growth of bacteria and thus urinary tract infections. Urinating mechanically "flushes" out urine as well as any bacteria seeking a home in our urinary tract.

Staying hydrated also increases the pH (less acidic/more basic qualities) of our urine. This is a soothing side effect being that sex can often leave our urethra, labia, and hymen feeling raw, sore, and vulnerable. Decreasing the acidity of our urine makes our urine more "watery" and decreases what can be stinging and painful sensations when peeing after sex. 

Most importantly we must remember to urinate immediately after any type of sex that involves female genital stimulation, especially penetration. By urinating immediately and frequently after sex, we force bacteria that have made their way to our urethra and up our urinary tract during sex OUT of our body. 

#2 Low Sugar Content

As stated in previously, excess sugar intake not only decreases the strength of immune system but also creates a friendly environment for bacteria to grow. This is why this recipe calls for unsweetened cranberry juice. This is very important distinction as there are many brands of cranberry juice.

If the label reads "cocktail", "blend", or "sweetened" try to avoid these options as they often contain other juices, high fructose corn syrup, and high amounts of sugar (about 30g per 1 cup serving).

Try instead to seek out brands that read "100% juice" or "unsweetened". Confirm the pure cranberry content by reading the nutritional label. The ingredients should only have cranberry and water and usually contain about 9g of sugar per 1 cup serving. Organic is always recommended to avoid any added impurities and toxins that create an additional load onto our body. 

#3 Cranberry Content

By frequently utilizing our food ally- the cranberry we can be successful in preventing UTI's. Cranberry has been clinically proven to prevent and sometimes even treat UTI's. This is due to cranberries unique quality that prevents bacterial adherence to the walls of our urinary tract. If they cant adhere to our urinary tract, the bacteria will not be able to colonize and therefore cause an infection. I recommend using this recipe in conjunction with a cranberry/ D-mannose supplement to further aid in the beneficial effects of the cranberry. 

Post Sex UTI Prevention Beverage Recipe

1 part unsweetened organic pure cranberry juice 

1 part sparkling water 

I prefer using La Croix passionfruit essenced water

You can also use filtered water 

OPTIONAL: take with 1-2 Cranberry/ D-mannose Supplements 


Use in conjunction with Cranberry/D-Mannose Supplements for added beneficial effects 

Megan conn