Ayurveda: daily routine

A Y U R V E D A  +  S E L F  C A  R E

One of the ways I look to Ayurveda to inform my self care is through Ayurveda's emphasis on daily routines. The ancient healing modality of Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of healthcare, established at least 5,000 years ago. It is a simple and practical science that uses holistic and preventative approaches to promote health and wellness. 


A Y U R V E D A' S   P R E M I S E

Is that the universe and the human body are one and that the same principles govern both; the principles that govern our environment also govern our body. In Ayurveda, everything consists of three fundamental principles: Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. These principles (qualities / energies) exist in everything: the seasons, time, our food, our senses, and within our own bodies. 


O V E R A L L . . . 

The aim of Ayurveda is to achieve and maintain equilibrium of the body through balancing the doshas. Where balanced doshas create health and imbalanced doshas create disease. One of the ways Ayurveda creates balance in the body are through individualized daily routines.


A C C O R D I N G  T O  A Y U R V E D A

What we do every day matters most. Daily routines are a simple and practical way to incorporate regular and consistent wellness practices into our daily lives. By providing regularity through daily routine, your body then senses it is safe and can relax. This internal sense of safety soothes your nervous system, decreases stress and balances your hormones by decreasing your cortisol levels. Through daily routine you are also incorporating multiple wellness practices into your life to help meet your body's unique needs. 


T H E  D A I L Y  R O U T I N E

Also recognizes that your body's unique needs change. As the seasons change our nutritional and lifestyle needs change. Different times of the day call for different practices. Different ailments, disease, or dysfunction require different interventions. By knowing where your body is out of alignment we can seek to bring it back into homeostasis through daily rituals and routines. 




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