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Im megan conn, the creator of feedyourflow. I’m a nurse doula, nanny, and first and foremost- a woman. This project has been informed by all of these aspects of my life.

I’m passionate about the importance of body literacy. Only by being in informed and intuitive relationship with our bodies, can we truly relearn give ourselves the care that we truly need.

By offering free and accessible educational tools and practices, my hope is to support women desiring to engage in a more informed, dynamic, and curious relationship with their body. With an emphasis on honoring the biological rites of passage and living in alignment with out inner and outer rhythms, I want to guide woman on their journey of self knowledge and self care through.

I create inspiring and engaging content to help you enter into an intimate relationship with your body that you will carry with you and continue to deepen throughout your life and hopefully share with the future generations.

c r e d e n t i a l s 

+  e d u c a t i o n

Registered Nurse (RN)

Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN)  - Samuel Merritt University Oakland, CA with an emphasis on maternal and newborn nursing.

Additional training and education in labor delivery care + birth and lactation.

Pursued doula training and volunteer work at the Contra Costa Medical Center.

Self study and student of the body.

m i s s i o n

To help women feel educated and empowered while traversing their biological rites of passage, starting with menstruation. 

The female biological rites of passage are menarche, menstruation, pregnancy & birth, postpartum, menopause, and miscarriage.


v i s i o n

There is a system of organization within your body. A system that ensures you cycle though everything in order to maintain balance and health. Just like the ecosystems the earth – the ecosystems of our body help us avoid excess and scarcity through cycling. In the same way that the seasons ensure homeostasis on the earth, our monthly cycle ensure homeostasis within our body. I’m here to guide you as you tune into this innate wisdom written within the cycles of your wombspace.

Imagine a world where women and their communities honored this cyclic wisdom. A world where women trusted their bodies and their ability to make informed and empowering decisions concerning it. Through history we know that information concerning women’s bodies have been distorted and repressed. Now is the time to reclaim and redefine what and how much we get to know about our bodies. Through learning the anatomy and physiology of the body we also lean into the energetic. The psychospiritual. The sexual. The relational. And the pyshcosomatic.

Our cycle is the backbone to our health. Our 5th vital sign. & I propose that instead of seeing our bodies as inconvenient that we begin to see them as our ally. edging us back towards homeostasis, balance, authenticity, and integrity. When we listen, our cycle helps us be honest with our health and ourselves.

Feedyourflow is a new kind of women’s health education. A place where women can reclaim sovereignty and self-responsibility over their body, cycle, and biological rites of passage. A place to remember and regain trust of the innate wisdom of our body. Where women are welcomed to mine through the experience of their inner initiations, together.

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seasonal menstrual cycle missive & the science and symbolism of menstruation e-book