Our Mission

To educate and empower women's self care. 


By offering free and accessible educational tools and practices, FeedYourFlow supports women who desire to engage in a more informed, dynamic, and curious relationship with their body. With an emphasis on honoring the biological rites of passage and living in alignment with out inner and outer rhythms, FeedYourFlow leads woman on their journey of self knowledge and self care. Megan Conn the creator of FeedYourFlow is passionate about the importance of body literacy, especially for Women. Only by being in informed and intuitive relationship with our bodies, can we truly relearn to give ourselves the care that we truly need. Applying Ayurvedic, Chinese Medicine, and Nursing principles, FeedYourFlow draws upon diverse modalities to inform your intuition and self care. With an emphasis on prevention and evidence based practice, FeedYourFlow focuses on the promotion of female reproductive wellness and overall health. 

Where Self Knowledge Meets Self Care

What We offer 

Informative articles to increase familiarity with the female reproductive landscape 

Preventative tools + techniques to promote female reproductive wellness 

 Support in navigating through your cycles & seasons by helping you deepen your relationship to your inner + outer rhythms

Expanding women's bodily vernacular 

DIY product guides and videos to support your self care