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To increase access to menstrual cycle education.

To ensure women feel educated and empowered within their body from menstruation through menopause.

To help women make informed and intuitive decisions while traversing their biological rites of passage, starting with menstruation. 

The female biological rites of passage are menarche, menstruation, pregnancy & birth, postpartum, menopause, and miscarriage.

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Im megan conn, the creator of feedyourflow. I’m a nurse, doula, nanny, and first and foremost, a woman. This project has been informed by all of these aspects of my life.


After undergoing my own health issues I began to awaken to how much I’d neglected my body and my wombspace. Not just physically but emotionally. I knew that what I was experiencing was not just physical, but rather a signaling to something deeper.

After a few painful years of experiencing recurrent of yeast infections and UTI’s and a scary diagnosis of high risk HPV/cervical dysplasia I began to wake up to the pain in my body and the wisdom contained within it. I got off birth control, changed the menstrual products I was using, cleaned up my diet, and started syncing my foods and movement practices with the different phases of my menstrual cycle. I was hooked, devoted and endlessly curious.

As I began to make empowering decisions around my reproductive health I was simultaneously witnessing the flaws of the birthing industrial complex. As a student nurse and doula I observed how these flaws were being internalized within the birthing bodies I saw before me. As a nursing student I felt both disempowered and simultaneously motivated to create change at the root of the issue.

There was a palpable pattern and sense-able connection between the issues I was facing as a young developing woman and the women whose births I was attending. Yes of course there are problems that need to be addressed at the level healthcare and policy (and these are not to be understated) but what about the level of the individual? Isn’t that where it all begins anyway?

What I was interested in was this: “why are so many women vulnerable to the flaws, dangers, and disconnects within the modern western model of birthing?” Why were so many numb from the waist down resigned to making their own informed decisions. They had handed their power over to their doctors and I realized, they had probably been doing so their whole life. I couldn’t help but wonder “would this be happening if they had created a trusting relationship to their body during their menstruating years?”

Feedyourflow was birthed from this very ponderance.

As I dug I realized how historical all of it was. How it really wasn’t their fault but rather the sickness of our society that’s been colonized, capitalised and patriachal-ized. History was repeating itself within birthing and menstruating bodies. Not only was this historical, it was at the center of health and wellbeing of our society and the earth. The state of our earth is reflected within the bodies of women.

Women are at the center of community, bringing humans into the world through their wombs and nourishing them through their breasts. They usher in new life and are the backbone of communities and society. We need to prioritize women’s health. And it needs to start at menstruation.

The solution was clear. We need to support women’s connection to their bodies. And where does that begin? At menarche and throughout each menstrual cycle. During pregnancy, birth, postpartum, menopause and the more taboo, abortion and miscarriage. These are the biological rites of passage unique to women and womb holders and they are key points in a woman’s life.

Everything began to take a cyclic lense and it all circled back to the menstrual cycle. Catching the curiosity of women there, so if and when they do begin to undergo another biological rite of passage they would have a pre-established relationship to their body, their sovereignty, and their empowerment within their healthcare decisions. One that didn’t come from their doctors or pregnancy books, but rather one that is internally guided.

I want feeling informed and empowered in your body to feel practical, accessible, and fun. That is why I created feedyourflow, a new kind of women’s health education. An online library of articles, recipes, rituals, poems, and playlists to help you remember. Your body, your cycle & your inner wisdom. It is my deepest hope that you prioritize your relationship to your body, unshame being a women, and re-write with us together, the mythology of what it means to be a woman and have a womb.

Thank you for being here.

I hope you find meaning & nourishment.

c r e d e n t i a l s 

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Registered Nurse (RN)

Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN)  - Samuel Merritt University Oakland, CA with an emphasis on maternal and newborn nursing.

Currently working as a labor and delivery nurse in the bay area of Northern California.