menstrual care allies


1.    Warming the womb.

It’s important to stay warm while we bleed. With lost blood follows the outflowing of our internal heat. This is a time to avoid coldness; ice, cold drinks, walking barefoot on cold or wet ground, etc. Cold also causes contraction which can lead to increased and more painful cramping. To avoid putting the body or bowels in a state of contraction it’s therefore important to gravitate towards warmth. Warming foods like bone or vegetable broths, soups, stews, warm tea, and warm clothing.

~soups, stews, chilli’s

~bone broth

~warm water + warm everything

~socks, layers, beanies, scarfs

~hot herbal tea (a favorite ally of mine during this window is mugwort)


2.    Re-usable menstrual care products on the go

Using re-usable menstrual care products are not only significantly more eco-friendly than standard pads & tampons, but re-usable menstrual care products are also more vagina friendly and economical. Although disposable menstrual care products are more convenient, re-usable products are hardly an inconvenience.

The one thing you’ll have to consider is you’re on the go set up. I personally set aside a re-usable bag to put my bloody items in and a separate re-usable bag for clean ones. That way you have a stock of cleans ones like you would with standard products. The only addition is another bag. 

~re-usable pads or period panties

~plastic bag or cloth bag dedicated to used blood products for later cleaning

3.    Cramp allies

Although it’s common to have menstrual cramps, it’s actually not a “normal” healthy sign when a woman experiences extreme pain from her period. Although this is a sign of a deeper more at root issue going on, when cramps come, we need a way to therapeutically deal with them.

Everyone’s cycle is unique and dynamic constantly fluctuating in response to the woman’s internal and external environment. Some of us have painful cramps almost every cycle. Others experience mild cramping sensations. Regardless there are plenty of options to self care when we are experiencing a cramping womb.


~epsom salt + baking soda baths

~electric heating pad or hot rice packs

~castor oil pack

~hot water bottle compress for on the go

~remove any internal blood collection devices. Tampons and even menstrual cups can cause or worsen already present menstrual cramps.

~some type of womb balm. Whether this is a salve, herbal body oil, or pain relieving topical ally such as tigers balm.

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