earth & body based menstrual cycle education

Feedyourflow provides women the resources to reconnect to their cyclic nature, their menstrual cycle and the greater cycles of womb’an-hood. Using the earth as guide, we look a the moon phases, seasons and elements’ microcosmic expressions within the body.

As women and womb keepers we’re intricately connected to the cycles of the earth. The seasonal shifts we experience are also occurring within our wombs and ovaries each month. Our hormones, emotions and energy wax and wane like the moon. Systems like Chinese Medicine understand this and hold that the same principles that govern the earth also govern the body. In this way we look to the Chinese Medicine elemental cycle in order to understand our bodies from an ancient perspective.

Feedyourflow is built on the premise that creating an informed, intuitive, and individual relationship to the phases of the menstrual cycle, prepares us to take on the transformative tasks contained within each biological rites of passage unique to women. Journeying through the menstrual cycle informs, empowers, and resources us for; menarche, menstruation, pregnancy & birth, postpartum, menopause and miscarriage. The unique needs, challenges and lessons contained within each phase of the menstrual cycle are also relevant to the biological rites of passage.

The way we meet ourselves during our menstrual cycle informs and prepares us for how we meet ourselves during the biological rites of passage we go though. In this way, by attending to our menstrual cycle now we’re also attending to our birthing, postpartum and menopausal self.

By attuning to our own cycle we’re prepared to meet other women in theirs. Perhaps by meeting our shapeshifting selves through the phases of our menstrual cycle, we can also meet our daughters, sisters, nieces, mothers, granddaughters and grandmothers as they too passage through the archways of womb’an-hood.

We were taught to fit into a male model of productivity and sexuality. Because the female / cycling body fundamentally undermines western notions of capitalism and patriarchy, our unique wisdoms and ways has been forgotten. It’s time we rediscover our unique power.

Join me on this journey of sensitizing ourselves to the wise guidance of the womb. My womb has been and continues to be my greatest teacher and liberator, keeping me in integrity with my values and desires. Where my body use to be my enemy has now become my most loyal ally. I want the same for you. Lets explore the edges of our body together as we reassemble and reclaim what it means to be empowered within our own body.


Hi ! I’m Megan. I midwife you through your menstrual cycle.

I create content to help you deepen connection to the cycles of your womb.